upset [up set′; ] for n. always, and for adj. also [, up′set΄]
upset, upsetting [ME upsetten: see UP1 & SET]
1. Obs. to set up; erect
a) to tip over; overturn [to upset a vase]
b) to overthrow or defeat unexpectedly
a) to disturb the functioning, fulfillment, or completion of [to upset a busy schedule]
b) to disturb mentally or emotionally [upset by bad news]
c) to disturb physically; make sick [to upset the stomach]
4. Mech.
a) to shorten and thicken (a red-hot iron) by beating on the end
b) to shorten (a metal tire) in the process of resetting it
to become overturned or upset
1. an upsetting or being upset; specif.,
a) a tipping over, knocking over, etc.
b) an unexpected victory or defeat
c) a disturbance or disorder, specif. of an emotional or physical nature
2. Mech.
a) a swage used for upsetting
b) an upset piece or part
1. Rare set up; erected
a) tipped over; overturned
b) disturbed or disordered
SYN.- UPSET is the ordinary word implying a toppling, disorganization, etc. as a result of a loss of balance or stability [to upset a glass, one's plans, etc.; emotionally upset]; OVERTURN implies a turning of a thing upside down or flat on its side and, in extended use, connotes the destruction of something established [to overturn a chair, a government, etc. ]; CAPSIZE specifically implies the overturning or upsetting of a boat

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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